Sacramento Chocolate Fountains Rentals in Sacramento Chocolate Fountain
Sacramento Chocolate Fountain Rentals in Sacramento Chocolate Fountain
Sacramento Chocolate Fountains

Perhaps the biggest difference between Sweet Fountains and our competitors is the ingredients we combine to make every rental perfect. We feel the following "ingredients" separate us and make us Sacramento's best chocolate fountain rental company:

We use SF Pro Chocolate Fountains for our rentals. The first difference you'll notice is the finish. When compared to other chocolate fountains, our fountains have the nicest finish to complement your surrounding decorations. SF Pro Chocolate Fountains have a high-polished 304 stainless steel construction, which looks like a mirror finish vs. a brushed satin finish which looks like back of the room equipment and must be decorated to look presentable.

Second, SF Pro Chocolate Fountains have digitally controlled temperature control which means perfectly tempered chocolate. Unmatched in the industry, you'll know the difference as our chocolate fountains won't burn or scald your chocolate! The SF Pro Chocolate Fountains also have a wider drip basin to prevent any drips or spills to ensure a cleaner event.

You won't find a more dramatic or crowd pleasing fountain than the SF Pro Chocolate Fountains. Whether it's the Cascade Dual Chocolate Fountain or the Alpine 50", our fountains tower above the competition so your guests will know you've planned the best possible party! Serious party planners know us and our industry best fountains.

Don't settle for anything less than SF Signature Fountain Chocolate. All natural and made in the Belgian-style with the finest ingredients available, SF Signature Chocolate and Fondues are the most delicious and best flowing on the market. No thinning with oil, no artificial ingredients, just pure delicious chocolate for you and your guests.

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The best in the business. Period. Our staff members have been with us on average 4 years and have extensive training and knowledge with the operation of chocolate fountains to make sure your events goes off seamlessly. Dressed to impress and happy to serve, we work with the finest caterers in the Sacramento area and we always have your goals in mind.

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